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Episode Review for [ profile] gleeverse

Episode Name: Pilot
Director: Ryan Murphy
Air Date: May 19, 2009


The Pilot starts with a scene of cheerleaders doing a routine only to be yelled at by one Sue Sylvester telling them that they shouldn't even think of their routine being hard because what is being hard is being water boarded. The next character introduced is Will Schuester, who is introduced by his old car. We also get to know some of the McKinley High students, Kurt Hummel the fashionable gay and some jocks torturing him. Next we see Will looking at a picture of his old Glee Club teacher only to go into a scene of the current Glee club which only consists of one student and the pervy Sandy Ryerson. Rachel Berry is spying on Cand notices Sandy touching his student inappropriately. We learn about some more teachers, Coach Ken Tanaka and his complete opposite Emma Pillsbury who apparently has a problem with germs. In the little scene between Will, Emma and Ken some vibes are made obviously already, Ken likes Emma but Emma likes Will who likes cookies.

After hearing from Emma that Sandy got fired (we just assume here that Rachel told somebody about the touching), Will sees the principal telling him he wants to take over Glee Club who has a couple of requirements but Will doesn't let himself set back by that and during a sleepless night he comes up with a name for his Glee Club: New Directions. We then cut into several auditions from McKinley High students: Mercedes Jones with her powerful rendition of R.E.S.P.E.C.T, Kurt Hummel showing us his high notes singing Mr. Cellophane, Tina Cohen-Chang as the though chick doing I Kissed A Girl and finally Rachel Berry channeling her inner Broadway star with On My Own and explaining what golden stars mean to her, telling us that she was the one that got Sandy fired. She also tell us about her two gay dads and how she has been working towards fame from when she was a little kid. We also get another little peek at how the balance is at school, the kids that sing are the outcasts and are regularly slushied and made fun of while the cheerleaders (and as we saw earlier the jocks) are the cool kids.

Obviously here is not that much interest in Glee Club so Will ends up having five members that are talented but don't really work together as we see during their first rehearsal. Now finally being in the Glee Club and having taken another step towards fame, Rachel is angry about the mess that the club is at that moment and storms out of rehearsal. Ironically we find her sitting on the bleachers looking at the more than perfect Cheerios. Will comes to talk to her but is not going to waste her time with a bunch of losers, she hears a clock towards fame ticking and tells him she needs a male lead that can keep up with her. After their strongest singer leaving, Will also hears from Principal Figgins that Glee Club will be canceled because the local AA needs the auditorium. Ever the optimist though Will doesn't give up and convinces him that he wants to go and in exchange of running detention he gives him what he wants.

We have a little intermezzo at Sheets 'n Things where we meet Will's wife Terri of whom we immediately learn that she's quite the manipulative bitch. As it happens Sandy is at the store also when Will goes to visit her and he has continued his unrighteous path by now selling marijuana (one of his clients is Ken Tanaka), he slips Will a little package so he can try it out for himself.

In the next scenes Will pays various members of the staff a visit 'shopping' for Glee kids. Of course Sue is not of much help immediately telling him that the Glee kids are the least cool kids of the school. Emma, always the guidance counselor, advices him to convince some of the cool kids to join the club while Will helps her by getting some gum of her shoe. Of course he's ridiculed by the football club because why would these cool guys want to sing. However, while creeping around the locker room Will hears Finn Hudson singing in the shower and realizes the kid has talent. Because Finn didn't join by himself Will manipulated the guy into joining the club by telling him that he found the weed he had gotten from Sandy in his locker and giving him a speech about making good life choices.

Because the kids have been working so hard, Will decides to take them to see their biggest rival Vocal Adrenaline so they can see right at the beginning who they need to beat to get ahead. Besides them being totally devastated after seeing their rivals perform a flawless number, Will and Emma get a little closer sharing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Will complaining about the troubles in his marriage which does not help at all with that crush she was harboring already.

Will comes home to find a very happy Terri at home who tells him she's pregnant which is the happiest news he has gotten in a long time and it triggers his decision to leave the school and Glee Club to become an accountant. It is obviously a hard decision for him to make because teaching is where his heart is. In the meantime Rachel has taking over the Glee Club and Finn decides to leave the club also because of his reputation. Helping Artie who has been put in a mobile toilet by his fellow football friends definitely doesn't help with his reputation but it does make him decide to go back to Glee Club and doing both that and football. He comes back to Glee Club and automatically takes on the role of leaders. In another part of the school, Emma tries Will to stay by showing him an old video of his time during Glee Club which was the happiest time of his life which has only been overcome by Terri telling him that he is going to be a father. He decides to leave after all because he needs to provide for his family. However, hearing his Glee Club sing and watching them perform Don't Stop Believin' is what eventually convinces him he has to stay and coach these kids.

Favorite Scene

Will walking down the hallway still convinced he should become an accountant but hearing the kids sing and walking in to see the Glee Club perform their first really choreographed performance of Don't Stop Believin' which convinces him to stay on as their advisor. The song is simply so iconic for his own struggle at the moment and what the kids (and the other characters also) go through on the show.

Least Favorite Scene

I don't really like the childhood scene of Finn, it's nice to get some background of the kids but I felt like it wasn't really in place at that moment and in this episode. I did like the voice-over kind of thing but the whole scene was a bit long and unnecessary for him to decide. Yes, there is also a same kind of scene with Rachel but I felt like that was more in place (and maybe that's because I like Rachel more than I like Finn) but it just explained more about her personality than the random scene of one of his mom's boyfriends.

Favorite Performance

I already mentioned it with my favorite scene so it isn't hard to guess that Don't Stop Believin' is my favorite performance of this episode. It's just such a catchy song and I love Rachel's vocals in it. I also like their simple outfits (the simple ones are always my favorites on the show), jeans with a red shirt; I also like how they're not uniform but everybody has another kind of shirt. As I mentioned above already, I like the fact that the song is iconic for the kids and other characters on the show.

Special shout-out to Leaving on a Jet Plane sung by Will in the extended version of the pilot. Lovely version and fitting in the moment he sings it in. He should sing more instead of rap.

Least Favorite Performance

I could say the auditions because they were not really performances and all pretty short but they do actually represent the characters pretty well so I'm going to say Rehab performed by Vocal Adrenaline. While it was a flawless and good performance, in my opinion it was cold and heartless also (which they are as we learn later on so that's fitting). Besides I always prefer seeing New Directions over any other Glee Club so the choice wasn't hard to make.


Four gold stars because it's a really good pilot that sets the tone of the show and introduces us to the main characters. Since it's a pilot, you don't really connect with the characters yet and it's basically for setting up future story lines so four starts it is.

Gifs from [ profile] enthropology

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