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A picspam I made for [ profile] gleeverse, all about Will Schuester's performances on Glee. Contains spoilers up till the finale.

Who cares what happens when we get there, when the getting there has been so much fun? )
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Finished round 2 at [ profile] celebrity20in20 and I still had some icons I made for [ profile] rdjstills.

20 Robert Downey Jr Icons
+ 5 Alternates
+ 4 Iron Man Icons


20in20 )
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A challenge at [ profile] shonda_land was to make a pocket picspam (containing not more than 30 images) but I couldn't help myself and made more so here's the complete picspam of the Grey's Anatomy pilot.

Thanks to Screencap Paradise for the screencaps!

"The game. They say a person either has what it takes to play or they don't. My mother was one of the greats. Me, on the other hand…I'm kinda screwed."

A Hard Day's Night )
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The new sectional has started over at [ profile] gleeverse so it's pimping time again!

Come over and join if you like Glee, especially Team Teachers needs more members so please come and join our awesome team!! If you join don't forget to mention me from Team Teachers!
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Found out about [ profile] shonda_land and of course couldn't resist joining this one!

If you like Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice, come and join us!! If you decide to join don't forget to mention me from Team Fab Five!
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I've recently started to make some icons again and entered my first 20in20. If I end up making more icons again I think I'll make a comm again, don't want to use my old one anymore, but for now will just post them here.

Does anybody know how I can remove the larges spaces between the headers and the icons?

My entry for [ profile] celebrity20in20 Round One.


20in20 )

All the usual rules apply of course:

Don't hotlink
Blanks are no bases
Comment are ♥


Aug. 2nd, 2009 05:22 pm
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I joined another challenge community, it seemed really appealing because it's not really about a fandom but about books and something different for once. If you're interested come and join!!

[ profile] lit_library [ profile] lit_library [ profile] lit_library [ profile] lit_library [ profile] lit_library

I'm only a part of it since today and am now checking out everything but it seems really cool with writing challenges, photo challenges, art challenges, trivia challenges. There's also a book club with (I think) monthly discussions about books.

So...if you love literature and books come and join!
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A couple of people on my flist joined this and it seems like fun so I jumped on the bandwagon also... I present to you:

Whedonland )
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Because I fail and always have to mess up things...

I forgot to put Rob Lowe in the poll for the Hot Celeb Battle. To avoid making a new poll, just let me know here (or in the actual entry) if you wanted to vote for him.

Thanks for letting me know and thanks for playing!!
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I'm about to do a friends cut. Most of you have nothing to worry about, just cutting some inactive journals, some people it never clicked with, people that added me but never comment on any entries, people I feel I have nothing in common with anymore.
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