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freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose

freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose

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Birthdate:Nov 23
Chaotic. Sagittarius. PhD Student. Dog lover. TV Watcher. Researcher. Feminist. Concert-goer. Traveler. Reader. Cook. Teacher. European. Vegan. Lover of Animals. ISFP. Pop Culture Nerd. Movie Watcher.

Storms. Pasta. Books. Gianna Nannini. Italy. TV. Rain. Animal Rights. Movies. Sneakers. Ellen Degeneres. Ocean. Dogs. Young Adult Novels. Human Rights. Blue. Margaret Atwood. Staying Up Late. Concerts. Snow. Books. LGBTIA Rights. Robert Downey Jr. Languages. CanLit. George Clooney. Women's Rights. Veganism. Dystopian Novels. Road Trips. Pajamas.

Gilmore Girls. Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Grey's Anatomy. Parks and Recreation. Glee. Lost. Sex and the City. The Walking Dead. Masters of Sex. Who's The Boss. ER. Roseanne.

Gianna Nannini. Beth Hart. Robbie Williams. Elton John. The Police. Bastille. Haim. Bryan Adams. The Rolling Stones. Ed Sheeran. Patti Smith. Carol King. Janis Joplin.

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60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, acda en de munnik, ally/larry, angelina jolie, animal rights, anthropology, asian food, beth hart, books, buffy the vampire slayer, canada, canadian literature, chai, cheese, cheesecake, chick flicks, coach beiste, coach bieste, concerts, cooking, dead like me, derek shepherd, desperate housewives, dido, divergent, diversity, dogs, dreams, dvds, ebay, ellen degeneres, english, er, europe, eyes, fall, feminism, fiction, film, finding nemo, flip flops, food, freedom, friends, garlic, gay rights, george clooney, gianna nannini, gilmore girls, glee, google, grey's anatomy, harry mulisch, hillary clinton, himym, honesty, house md, house/cuddy, hugh grant, hugs, human rights, ice cream, icons, intelligence, internet, ipod, italian food, italy, jeans, jennifer aniston, jessica biel, jessica darling, katherine heigl, languages, laughing, lauren graham, leslie knope, leslie/ben, lgbtia, literature, lorelai gilmore, lost, love actually, luke/lorelai, lush, lyrics, margaret atwood, margaret laurence, matthew morrison, mcdonalds, mcdreamy, medicine, meredith/derek, movies, music, nerds, netherlands, new york, night, nintendo, nonconformity, noodles, notting hill, ocean, open-mindedness, opinions, oreos, originality, pajamas, parenthood, parks and recreation, pasta, patrick dempsey, paul de leeuw, people, pictures, pizza, politics, popcorn, popular culture, procrastinating, psychology, quizzes, quotes, rain, reading, road trips, robbie williams, robert downey jr., romantic movies, ron swanson, roseanne, salvatore dali, seasons, sex and the city, shrek, smiles, sneakers, snow, sociology, starbucks, storms, sue sylvester, summer, sun, sunsets, sushi, talking, the big bang theory, the hunger games, the l word, the oc, the walking dead, tofu, traveling, tv, tweety, usa, vanilla, veganism, vegetarianism, white chocolate, will schuester, will&grace, will/emma, winter, writing
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