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I just did a rather large friends cut, I don't like doing them and kept postponing but I finally did it. I mostly cut dead journals and people I feel like I didn't really connect with because there was no mutual commenting because really if you don't comment on each other's posts, there's not really much sense in being friends. If anybody feels like I removed them by mistake, let me know and we'll try again.

I also removed a ton of communities I didn't really check regularly, mostly TV communities I didn't really read posts at and a lot of icon communities, some that were never updated and some that are open anyway so if I need something I can just go and get it if I want to. It just felt kinda overwhelming to have all these communities that I never checked anyway.
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Found out about [ profile] shonda_land and of course couldn't resist joining this one!

If you like Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice, come and join us!! If you decide to join don't forget to mention me from Team Fab Five!


Aug. 2nd, 2009 05:22 pm
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I joined another challenge community, it seemed really appealing because it's not really about a fandom but about books and something different for once. If you're interested come and join!!

[ profile] lit_library [ profile] lit_library [ profile] lit_library [ profile] lit_library [ profile] lit_library

I'm only a part of it since today and am now checking out everything but it seems really cool with writing challenges, photo challenges, art challenges, trivia challenges. There's also a book club with (I think) monthly discussions about books.

So...if you love literature and books come and join!


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